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The extras on this page are not games, but random things that may range from the exceedingly silly to the extremely useful.
Name Date Added Description
Newgrounds Filter 10/21/2014 An extension that attempts to make the Newgrounds website content ratings more visible. Support dropped early 2016.
Pokehub 1/30/2014 A snazzy tool for logging and keeping track of Pokemon battles in groups, made for another site and partially restored for
Visual Novel Engine 6/30/2013 An open-source visual novel engine in AS3. Development has stopped prematurely, but you can still make basic stories with it.
Counter 6/8/2013 A general-purpose counter. Made for helping out with EV training in the Pokemon games.
OSU Dining Map 1/29/2013 A useful tool for OSU students bound to the meal plan, with Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 apps. This map shows the locations of only the campus restaurants that are currently open (assuming normal hours). Support ended in Spring 2015, though.
Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire Dewford Trendy Phrase Generator 9/26/2012 A tool to generate trendy sayings from Dewford Town in Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire. Gather up your YOUNG TACKLE dolls and SUPERSONIC SCREECH picture books and take it for a spin!

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