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Newgrounds is a pretty spiffy site whether you're a content creator or someone who just likes to watch or play stuff. It's a site where anyone can submit games, animations, music, and art in a wide variety of formats - not just flash anymore (you can also submit Unity, HTML5, and standard movie types, as well as others). Newgrounds was a great starting point for me when I was looking for audio for First Fantasy, and it eventually enabled me to earn some actual money doing games and to work with some pretty cool people, some of whom have gone on and made games on Steam (as an example).

Probably the biggest complaint I have with the site, though, is the ease of how NSFW content can sneak into the experience. This is a problem that was softened somewhat during the redesign two or so years back (at least it seemed so to me), but there are still some situations in which you can unwittingly view NSFW content. Not that you'd ever visit Newgrounds during work. Right...? RIGHT!?

This is a Google Chrome extension that attempts to fix some problems around M (mature, 17+) and A (adult only) rated content. Sometimes the rating is not clearly shown beforehand, or the content has NSFW thumbnails shown on otherwise safe pages - even the home page! To be clear, this extension DOES NOT BLOCK any content. It simply attempts to 1) Make you more aware of what you are going to view before you view it, and 2) Filter NS thumbnails from the site so they don't show up unexpectedly. You can still view any content in any way you could before. Also be advised that all content is self-rated by the people who submit them. So every once in a while something unintentional might get through, an A-rated animation and thumbnail which the maker rates E (everyone).

There is an options page where you can change this to just A or nothing at all, or only for specific pages or situations of filtering (for example, you can filter art thumbnails from the main page but not from a user page if you want to). If you encounter a page where you can view M or A rated thumbnails with all filter options on, kindly report the page URL to me (you can comment on this page).

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