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12th Avenue Bread Company
Berry Cafe
Bistro 2110
Boss Doggs/Thyme And Change
Burritos Noches
Caffeine Element
Campus Grind (Drinko)
Campus Grind (McPherson)
Campus Grind (VetMed)
Courtside Cafe
Juice 2
Crane Cafe
North C-Store
Morrill C-Store
Fresh Express
KSA Cafe
Street Sweets
Mirror Lake Creamery and Grille
Kennedy Traditions
Morrill Traditions
North Traditions
Oxley's By The Numbers
Sloopy's Diner
Terra Byte Cafe
Union Market
Woody's Tavern
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This map shows OSU meal-plan-accepting restaurants open at the current time, according to the stated online hours for each establishment. It was supported for each term for two full years, but stopped being updated in Spring 2015.

While this app was fully supported, it was also available as Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 apps.

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