Dining Map Apps

Yes! A double treat for users of the Dining Map App!

I’ve restored the Windows 8 Metro App to full working condition. Now you have all the features you have in the website version minus geolocation, including all terms since the app fell into abandonment earlier this year.

But not only that, Windows Phone users get another treat – a similar app is now available to download for their phones! I published it two or so days ago. Looking somewhat similar to the Metro app, the Windows Phone 8 app features everything that its desktop/tablet version does.

For more on the apps, visit the map page on the site!

Site Redesign Phase 2: PHP-ify the site.

12/22/14: EDIT: Phase 2 is completely done! I don’t have plans for a TRUE redesign right now, so that ends the site work for right now (besides deleting duplicate files). Also be advised that all comments on the old pages will not be migrated over to the new ones. There weren’t many of them, and none of them were very important to today.

12/16/14 EDIT: The Extras section is also done!

I’ve started on the next step of the site redesign today, and that is to start using PHP on most pages to drastically cut down on separate pages and thus shorten the time it would take to do a true redesign.

Today, I moved all the game pages into one PHP file. I’ve removed all the games that have not been finished (Jack’s Run and When The Crickets Cry) and restored games I did finish (Vuvuzela Hero, unfortunately). I’ve also retooled some of those pages a bit, most notably removing the tab system in First Fantasy’s page. Looking ahead, the next steps are to see what I can do with the game list page itself, and to forge ahead and do the same with the Tutorials section. I will update this news post with any progress on the PHP stuff.

I added a red bar to the top of the site which will appear or disappear according to if I am working on the site or not.

New Main Page

In an occurrence that¬†hasn’t happened in many months, I’ve worked on the website. Specifically, the main page. I’ve redesigned it to be a much better show of my skills. The new webpage somewhat resembles the old one, but the most important thing (which is also the thing you’ll probably never realize unless you read this) is that the page transforms based on screen size. Yep, it’s responsive. While not ‘properly’ done, so to speak (wish I remembered the whole grid concept from the beginning), it works pretty well on many different screen sizes, including my phone. It ALSO has a fallback unlike the previous main page, so if you’re still using, say, IE 8 (and if you are, please¬†update, the entire web developer world hates your guts), the page degrades so you see a still image background instead of the void of a non-working page. So you still get something that looks pretty good, except without the animation.

I also want to do a redesign of other pages as well. I cannot say yet if they will be as robustly supported as the new main page, though. It’ll take time either way.

Also, the b-Link login is gone. While I do have plans for it, I obviously haven’t done too much concerning it so far. You can still use the Pokehub with it, and get a b-Link account from that page (in the Other section). Also, I need to add the VN engine to the Other section, and I will do that soon.