Anxiety 101: Mindfulness

Note: Still not a doctor. Nothing here is proper medical advice.

From here on out, I will leave these posts unnumbered. I may decide to go back and have more pages on, say, anxiety symptoms, and then posts may be out of order unless I changed numbering.

Well, you know a bit of what anxiety can do, you’ve heard my stance on medication (don’t do it unless you feel you have to), now we can start looking at what you can do besides medication to get this under control.

I am deciding to cover mindfulness first. While potentially the trickiest anti-anxiety skill to master, it also holds the most potential. See, mindfulness is all about living in the moment. Anxiety is pretty much all about worrying about stuff in the past or the future. With mindfulness, you take yourself as you are at any given moment and experience what is happening to you now. Chances are, nothing near as bad as you are imagining.

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