Anxiety 101, pt. 5: Medication

EDIT 5/27/14: Updated some info and personal experiences, as well as general editing.

I am still not a doctor. All information contained below is not be taken as advice from a doctor. These are just one person’s comments.

One of the things you’ll have to think about early on with anxiety is the question of medication. You may very well be tempted to opt for medication when your doctor suggests the idea. The idea that you can just take something and not have to worry about your anxiety anymore is quite alluring. Sadly, it’s nowhere near that simple. If it was, I probably wouldn’t be writing this, and countless people in the world wouldn’t suffer as much as they do. The only reason I am writing this before the articles on lifestyle changes is because I feel this stuff is important to know from the get-go, before you make a decision on how to go about recovery.

There are many different types of medications here, and I cannot presume to know all of them. Furthermore, bear in mind that meds work differently for everyone. What may work for someone you know may produce no results for you – or may even be more bad than good. The internet is full of warnings to make sure that you have a good doctor/psychiatrist to help you manage your meds. One who has lots of experience treating anxiety sufferers is best, as is one that acknowledges that medicine alone will not make you recover (that’s right, no medication will heal you. Meds will only take care of symptoms, not the cause).

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