Space Jam Mix Player

Today I uploaded my TWENTIETH Space Jam mix (excluding the extended and secret tracks). It has proven to be a rather interesting hobby.

Anyway, the real for this post is the new media player on the Space Jam mixes page. Well, it’s actually been there for maybe two or three weeks.

The player uses the nice SoundJS library and allows you to scroll through the songs, with associated ‘album art’ for each song so you can easily tell which song is which. This is an improvement over the old system, which you could only see one song at a time – the one you were currently on. Plus links to YouTube (if applicable) and audio are still there for each song.

On another note, I have landed myself a job. It turns out that not much will change for now – I am working at the same company I have been for the past two years, but now I’m a proper member. I’ll refrain from saying any more until the contract is finalized, but there may be a bit of good news for this website that comes along with it. I should be able to discuss that this week.

Anxiety 101, pt. 4: Panic Attacks

The series continues to focus on some common anxiety woes. Part 2 focused on insomnia, while Part 3 focused on the heart. Again – not a doctor, and nothing here is doctor’s advice. This series assumes you really have been checked out by a doctor and have been given the all-clear as explained in previous posts.

Something’s not feeling quite right. Maybe you know what it is, but it’s also possible that you don’t. Either way, there’s something nagging at you, something saying you need to avoid it, whatever it is. That feeling rapidly grows into a feeling of panic. Your heart rate is high, you’re barely paying attention to anything around you, you’re hyperventilating (but probably don’t notice it), and you’re frantically rushing around, or else trying to find some sort of ‘safe zone’ to sit or lie down.

That’s a basic panic attack. While there can be more (or different) symptoms than I mentioned above, that’s pretty much my typical experience. Panic attacks can seem devastating for the amount of time a person experiences them. They can be triggered by something specific, or perhaps nothing specific at all.

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Anxiety 101 pt. 3: The Heart

For my anxiety series I want to first focus on several common anxiety symptoms, under the assumption that this information will be what anxiety sufferers will first want. Part 2 covered insomnia. Again, I am not a doctor and everything is either derived from my personal experience, others, or the internet.

The heart is important to us, so if something is wrong, we become fearful rather quickly. With anxiety, it is EXTREMELY common to have benign (harmless) symptoms. Some of which being more annoying than others…

The first one is usually simple: a fast heartbeat. When you have a panic attack, you are bound to have a fast heartbeat. It also happens when you have high baseline levels of anxiety or are going through an event that causes you anxiety. The normal heart rate range for adults is 60-100 beats per minute (BPM). Having a higher heart rate for short amounts of time is usually not harmful – in fact, consider that during exercise, your ideal heart rate (for young twentysomethings like myself, anyway) is around 150-160, and that is HELPFUL for your heart.

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