Professor Layton and the Anime Convention Two – Part Two

SO! I slept in a bit and wasn’t able to get to Ohayocon for the 10:00 AM panels, but I wasn’t sure if I would be able to do that anyway. Also, because of last night’s winter weather, I decided it was better to take the bus instead of drive to the convention. It’s cheaper anyway. Any possible weirdness that the bus driver might have felt looking at my costume (probably not much, my costume is fairly normal, just a bit formal) was overshadowed quickly by someone dressed up as a demon-like creature a few stops later.

Saturday is the biggest day of the convention, so attendance was higher than Friday, and cosplayers were out in force too. There were some really creative costumes I saw today. And some favorites too.



Yuno and Twelfth respectively from Future Diary.


No idea what this is from, but it’s creative. I think the back legs are where the person’s feet are?


Legends of the Hidden Temple teams arrive at Ohayocon, because I guess there’s some ancient treasure there or something.


This costume takes the cake for anything I’ve seen, this year or last. The person seen here is playing an ACTUAL WORKING Tetris game. I don’t know if the guy playing this was able to get any time to himself today.

Additionally, some cosplaying I saw but didn’t get pictures of include Sailor Deadpool and a flock of Zubat cosplayers (nine of them!).

Since the next panel on my list wasn’t until 4 PM, there was nothing much for me to do… besides returning to My Happy Place, the rhythm gaming room. I played more DJMAX Technika 3, mainly. I tried to pass the First Steps club set, but I kept failing at the second song. After two hours in there, I got lunch and basically waited the remaining time out. And I actually got a bit of work done in that time.

At 4, I entered the ‘J-Rock for Everyone’ panel. Unfortunately, it didn’t quite live up to it’s name as it was fairly obvious the people in charge were oriented towards the hardcore stuff, and I decided to leave midway through the panel because of that (also, they pretty much assumed you knew about at least some things J-Rock already, which is two reasons why the panel name was misleading).

I headed down to the rhythm gaming room again and watched the first few rounds of the Dance Dance Revolution tournament. I saw some good people play, getting AAA scores on EXPERT-level songs, something I have yet to do (it not only requires hitting all arrows, which is a challenge in itself on expert, but hitting them all accurately as well. I have done this for a few standard songs though). I left before the end for a 6:30 PM panel, which was on making and selling visual novels. Two people working together in a company described their experiences making and selling their first visual novel (created in Ren’py, the inspiration for my own Visual Novel Engine in Flash). They were selling their stuff at the con, and I learned a fair bit about the business side of things, which may or may not be of use one day (always room for a Second Fantasy, eh?). I’m also glad that the panel denied my prior observation of amateur panels being more or less just a collection of kids discussing stuff with other kids. So there’s that.

After that, I headed back home. There are no panels tomorrow that interest me, so I don’t think I may return, but if the winter weather is bad, I might have to stay in the city anyway. So who knows what’ll happen. At any rate, it’s been fun, but I don’t think I’ll be returning to a convention for a third go anytime soon – like I said yesterday, anime and manga just doesn’t hold quite the same appeal for me anymore (with a couple exceptions, I still like some stuff, just not the majority of it). Good way to spend a birthday weekend, though.

Professor Layton And The Anime Convention Two – Part One

I’m headed off to Ohaycon this year, partially because I need to stop back in Columbus anyway – else I probably wouldn’t bother…

I brought together my Professor Layton costume from last year again, complete with a new, slightly better, hat. It’s better because it’s sewn together instead of taped together. The sewing is subpar, but it still looks like it may hold out better than last year. However, as the day went on, there are a couple things I could have improved – for example, the inside of the hat is bare plastic canvas (I was lazy), and it tends to poke my head where the brim meets the rest of the hat. It’s also a bit loose, so it’ll start to bounce and go lower as I walk. Those two things combined means it can be slightly irritating to pull the hat up. But at the end of the first day, it still seems perfectly intact as much as it was before.



I arrived at Ohayocon at about 10:00 AM, with most activities not starting until noon or later. I thought that like last year, there would be a LONG wait time for me to get registered – but no, that wasn’t the case. It took me five minutes to get in and out with a wristband. Four of those were spent at an ATM because they only accepted cash.

So then I sat around for a while, planning out the day. I picked out a few panels in particular that I wanted to go to.

WP_000614Toph from Avatar: The Last Airbender. Did a good job on the clothes.

WP_000615The Fresh Water guy from Pokemon.

WP_000616Ezio from Assassin’s Creed II

The first thing I really did was go to Richard Horvitz’s (voice of Invader Zim) Q&A session at 1 PM.  (and Rikki Simons, the voice of GIR) last year. I managed to get in first, actually, because I waited for a long while :P He was funny, not too different from last year.

Afterward, the Dealer’s Den and Artist’s Alley were open, so I went there to check out all the wonderful stuff there was. I was hoping in particular that there would be some Umineko merch like last year, but I was unable to find any. It’s quite possible that I may have missed things, though – the room is just THAT big. I saw a friend, and then a recent classmate, and spent nearly two hours inside the Dealer’s Den, but ultimately decided NOT to walk away with anything. If it was to be something, it would be a short anime series I REALLY want, or a piece of merch that can’t be found in the U.S. without importing it. I considered getting a grab bag like last year and making it a tradition, but I decided not to because chances are overwhelming that I’ll end up with things I don’t care for, given that I’m still not a HUGE anime/manga fan (and possibly even less so than before). I started to get the feeling at this point that I should’ve only got admission for one or two days instead of all three… it seems the anime/manga field fails to hold as much magic for me as it initially did. It’s kind of like I’ve seen everything before.


After that, I wandered a bit to the gaming lounge and discovered the greatness that is the Rhythm Gaming room. Ohayocon partnered with Bemani Invasion this year to give the place an unbeatable edge, and it does not disappoint. I tried every game in the room, including DDR X3, DJMAX Technika 3, Pop’n Music Sunny Park, Taiko no Tatsujin, and more. And they’re all free – no money required! DJMAX Technika 3 was a particular favorite of mine. I’m a fan of the series on PSP and PC, so I’m glad I finally got to play the arcade adaptation (which features different gameplay). And play it I did – I racked up at least five plays on that. I spent about three hours in that room, even skipping some of the panels I planned to attend – it was that fun. I definitely plan to go back to that room tomorrow.


Afterward, there was still one panel left that I wanted to go to – the Invader Zim panel with Richard and Rikki. Again. It started late, so it was only about 45 minutes long. Not much to say about that :P

WP_000628Rikki on the left, Richard on the right.

Afterward, there wasn’t any big reason for me to stay. And besides, if I wanted to, there was a winter storm warning that had just gone into effect then, so I left.

WP_000626Chester Cheetah cosplayer

Another thing I think I should include here is that my lukewarm approach to panels comes from last year, where none of the panels I attended were that fantastic. One of them in particular (the Pokemon one from the second day) was, in my mind, better off not attended.

Tomorrow’s schedule:

10 AM (assuming I get there on time) – The Weirdest Games You’ve Never Played
4 PM – J-Rock for Everyone
5 PM – DDR Tournament (probably will only just watch)
6:30 PM – Making and Marketing a Visual Novel
8 PM – Either Elder Scrolls or Getting Stuff From Japan panel.
9:30 PM – 50 Years of Anime Openings
Other time slots: RHYTHM ROOM!

OSU Dining Map Notice

I have two pieces of info to share regarding the OSU Dining Map tool on my website:

1) Despite having graduated from college, I still will update the dining map for the forseeable future. I do think it’s a great tool to have. In trying to fulfill this commitment, I am proud to announce that Spring 2014 dining hours are now up on the app.

2) BECAUSE I’ve graduated from college, I now have to pay to maintain the Windows 8 OSU Dining Map App on the Windows Store. At this time, I judge the registration fee to be a waste of money considering the one app is the only thing I am using it for right now. As far as I understand it, the app will remain usable and redownloadable to everyone who gets it before February 3rd, but at that time everyone else is out of luck. I WILL also update the app with hours for upcoming semesters the same as I would the web version, so no worries there.

Introducing b-Link

You might have noticed the site’s main page being a tad different – there’s now a login box at the top! This is part of something big that’s going on behind the scenes here, called b-Link because I stink at names. Simply put, the redesign of the site will also include b-Link at its core. While you can only really register and log in with b-Link right now (nothing else), it will eventually expand to include integration with games and other applications such as a planned chatroom application. I’m really excited about the possibilities this can bring.

One fair question is ‘why show this off NOW?’. After all, you can’t really do much with it. First off, this is a portfolio site, so I can prove to people who check this site out that I can do that kind of thing. Also, I can catch potential problems early. There are a few things I want to change before I go further in, which should arrive soon.

Note that the register page shows off a new layout to go better with the new main page, which is subject to change before it hits the rest of the site.

Right now you can only log in through the index page and the registration page, but it will roll out onto other pages with the new layout.