Anxiety 101 Part 2: Insomnia

Last edited on 2-22-16 (De-emphasized the role of medication as I feel it should be a last-resort type thing, added and changed many other points).

*yawn* I am still not a doctor, and this advice should not be taken as coming from such a person. *yawn*

Insomnia’s not really my idea of fun.  You’re trying to sleep, but for some reason, you just can’t. You toss and turn, and your anxiety gets worse and worse through the night because you’re worried about not going to sleep, being alone, etc.

There are three general types of insomnia for when it occurs: initial insomnia for when you can’t get to sleep to begin with, middle insomnia where you wake up and have trouble getting back to sleep (but it usually does come), and terminal insomnia where you wake up and usually don’t get back to sleep. Odds are a person usually only has one of these at a time, but you can also skip around between the three. I started out having initial, and during the past few months it’s been more terminal, but now initial insomnia is rearing its ugly head again – in fact, I’m writing this on a morning after no sleep. While it’s still a bit early to confirm this is the case, I think it may be brought on by winter (a bit more on that later). No matter what type you have, though, you can use many, if not all, of the same techniques on it.

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Out Of College, Into Life

I did it. Finally, I have a college degree (which makes no mention of my minor, so congratulations, me, it was useless!). In spectacularly astounding fashion, I also made the Dean’s List for the first time this final semester. I thought I would fall way short of that mark, but neither could I say I didn’t devote a crapton of time to classes in the last half of the semester. Anyway, there are a lot of both good and bad things to both leaving college and entering the ‘real’ world. Lot of change here. Most of it is good. On one hand, I don’t have to devote my life to classes (especially the less useful ones) anymore, I can start getting paid for what I do, and do more of what I like. And, relationship permitting, I can start cobbling together some plans to go to the Philippines to meet my long-distance girlfriend for the first time. Weekends might also be WEEKENDS now, instead of whole days devoted to schoolwork like they were. On the other hand, I’m going to be majorly social-averse these next few months before I land on a place to live in a more permanent fashion and thus start doing some activities. And then somewhere in the middle is me trying to be self-sufficient as soon as reasonably possible. I’m kinda glad I have Christmas to focus on so I don’t feel like I have to get too enveloped in my new life just yet – I can gradually ease into it a bit more.

I’m trying to set a new world record for learning PHP (not really, but I am going through it at a kinda-quick pace) so I can honestly say I’m a web developer. Moreso than before, anyway… there’s still other things I want to learn apart from that, but at least having the Javascript/PHP/MySQL combo will serve a lot of purposes. I shall start my job search in earnest soon, not having had enough time to do that during this last semester (remember when I didn’t do anything for this site over the past few months?). I want to find a job doing web design/development/applications, most likely local (in the state), and I’m going to avoid Silicon Valley/California in general like the plague. I do have kinda-sorta-an-offer already, but I do want to go over my other options.

Now to the site… Spellements was a game designed for one of my classes this semester, and now the game has its very own page. Please try it, the single player mode is nice, and late-game when you have access to powerful spells, it’s genuinely fun. The screenshot on the page displays a spell with 1 fire, 1 ice, 1 poison, 7 blast, and 7 duration runes. It’s practically a light show.

Twitter has been removed from the front page – I have made my feed private. This is partially because I have had way less activity from random people than I had anticipated, partly because of Twitter’s botched blocking changes, and partly because I seem to have stalkers (it’s less horrible than it sounds, but still not something I particularly want). In the feed’s place… well, see for yourself.

The bad(?) news is that won’t last very long. I have spent the weekend creating a new homepage, which a prototype can be found at I wanted to redesign the page to make it better show off what I can actually do. For instance, a newly learned bit of PHP made it into the page (the part that shows the latest blog post). I’m going to fix it up some before making it official, most notably the colors. I might have said on here at some point that the black/grey color scheme had been a bit depressing as time went on, and this should change that a lot. But currently it’s a bit TOO colorful – I want to curb the color range of the squares somewhat, and maybe add a few more things, make it better to look at, I dunno. It will probably also be the end of the line for the random quote generator. When the main page is done, the rest of the site will follow suite in a page-by-page manner.

Despite my graduation, I am interested in keeping the OSU Dining Map updated for Spring semester and beyond.

I also have started an anxiety blog post series – you can find Part 1 already up (an introduction), Part 2 is over half way done, and the topic for Part 3 is a lock at this point. As I probably said in Part 1, I wanted to do a big post on the topic because it’s been a big part of my life for the past year and a half, but one post would simply be too large if it had everything I wanted in it. I feel strongly about wanting to help people on this topic because long-term anxiety’s not a fate I would wish even on my worst enemy. So hopefully I can see this series continue.

Aside from all that, I look forward to working on this site again and being one of those adults I’ve heard so much about!