First Fantasy Animal Crossing Designs

Oddly enough I’m just starting to notice some of the finer details of the designs by doing this :\

Plus transparency wasn’t a good idea after all. Oh well.

You can click each image for a full-size version – should be easier to get the QR codes in.

Ryou AC Shirt

(Note: Black Denim pants from the Able Sisters store complement Ryou’s shirt nicely. Also got shoes from there, but I forget the name of those.)

Haruka AC Shirt

E3 Impressions

I wrote up some E3 impressions for the OSU Game Creation Club’s website. Here they are, with a lot of extras:


Microsoft focused on the games, which they basically had to do (after all, their Xbox One reveal focused on the aspects of the system itself, which was not wrong). However, there’s not much that stood out. We’ve got Ryse, which looks like Quick-Time Events: The Game, MGS5, whose trailer played out more like a movie than a game, and Minecraft, which… is Minecraft, and as far as I know much the same experience as the PC and Xbox360 versions. The price for the new system is $499. Microsoft failed to use the conference to address consumer drawbacks to their system, such as the 24-hour online check in required to play games and their still-somewhat-murky stance on used games.

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Shin Megami Tensei Comic Series (Part 1)

Continuing along with my comics, I’ve done some for various games in the Shin Megami Tensei series. Several friends have recommended checking it out, chiefly the Persona games. The Persona games have you collecting and raising over 100 Personas – entities gathered from all sorts of mythological lore – to fight shadows/demons. In Persona 3 onwards, there’s also a school life aspect to it – you strengthen your Personas by making friends.

Of course, being JRPGs, there’s a lot to make fun of. All comics so far concern the Persona games (though those aren’t the only ones I have currently). The comics here are sorted by game, and then by the point in each game which the comic is referencing.

There’s a few inconsistencies from comic to comic, but hopefully it’s not much. With the later comics, I used my drawing tablet instead of pure Adobe Fireworks like most of my Pokemon Black 2/White 2 comics.

There’s more to come. Right now, I have seven ideas jotted down for new comics. I have four games (the fourth being Soul Hackers for the 3DS), and have completed none of them yet, so there WILL be more :P

There aren’t any real spoilers here.

Lastly, you’ll probably need to click the comics to view them full-size. Not sure why it’s different here than from my last comics post.

Persona 1 (PSP Remake)

 Meanwhile At The Police Station...
Actually, how this building/dungeon worked is even dumber: you have to find your way through the first floor’s maze to go up to the second floor’s maze. Then you have to find another stairway to take you down to a section of the first floor you couldn’t get to without going to the second floor first.
And then, of course, you need to backtrack to get out.

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