The Adventures Of Not Drawing Like A Preschooler 2

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So… time for one of THESE. At the time of writing of last month’s post, I had bought a manga drawing book (figured I couldn’t go wrong with The Complete Idiot’s Guide To Drawing Manga). So instead of last time, where I either just doodled and/or studied actual anime and manga, I’ve been working on following the book very¬†thoroughly. I’m not going to post everything I’ve done, just the better things. Also, the focus so far has been on figure drawing instead of complete characters. While the authors of the book have taken most of these figures to completion, I have stopped at the figures because a) I am still awful at faces and hands, b) There are chapters that specifically focus on those later on, and c) I can always go back and complete them if I want to, or I can complete the 15+ characters that are yet to come (I’ll probably be mostly satisfied with the latter).

Chapter 1 is an introduction to manga and features little in the way of drawing (you know, for the complete idiots).

Chapter 2 is an introduction to figure drawing. Much of what I drew here had slightly awkward proportions.


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