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This past weekend I organized the Columbus location for the Global Game Jam 2013. Again, it was fun to do so, even if attendance wasn’t quite as hot as last year. One of the things I want to brag about (even though I had next to nothing to do with it) is the fact that one of the teams from another location made a Global Game Jam Simulator game. The second time through, I realized that the random list of names and locations were in fact the actual list of names and locations from GGJ13! Which means that if you reroll enough times, you can actually play as me! Pretty cool.

GameJam.fwThose stats are pretty accurate, by the way.

You can play the game here:

Also, I have added a new Extras section to the site. So far, two things belong to it: the Ruby/Sapphire Trendy Phrase generator I made a while back, and a new OSU Dining Map I just made (and still intend to develop further).

Music To My Ears – Umineko No Naku Koro ni

Music To My Ears (formerly A Musical Journey) posts chronicle a sampling the great music of a particular series, franchise, etc. Posts probably tend to be skewed towards videogames, but can cover anything with a great soundtrack behind it (TV shows, anime, movies, etc.). If you have a music track from the series discussed that you like, comment and it may be added to the post!

As mentioned in my last blog post, I will unrelentingly plug the heck out of Umineko every chance I get – it’s a fantastic sound novel series. The series can be described as a mystery novel with unique supernatural and psychogical elements. Check the last post ( for details on how to start diving into the series. Umineko is split into eight parts in total. This post only focuses on the first four parts: Legend Of The Golden Witch, Turn Of The Golden Witch, Banquet Of The Golden Witch, and Alliance Of The Golden Witch. The next four episodes (which have even better music!) will have their own post soon.

For some of these songs, I am unsure which episode they first appear in. I believe I made a note of those.

Umineko no Naku Koro ni

First off, there’s the theme to the whole series. The intro isn’t quite as good as the rest of the song, at least in my opinion, but hey, it sets up the mood, I guess. Anyway, at 1:24, the intro ends, giving way into the main theme, which is probably best described as a dance. That’s what comes to mind while listening to it. Rokkenjima is about to become host to some crazy stuff, including witches, murders and logic battles settled by nothing more than duct tape. Note: Lyrics to the song are found on the video page.

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Professor Layton and the Anime Convention Part Three

There’s not a whole lot to say for today. Like Friday, I wasn’t there for too long.

I got to the con at about 9:30 AM again and went to the Dealer’s Den when it opened at 10. I did a sweep of the floor again before deciding what to buy – the first season of Darker Than Black on DVD from an anime stall and a Mystery Bag from a stall that sold misc. items (not anime and manga itself, but posters, figures, art books, etc.) which was $20 but the contents guaranteed to be from $40-$70. I also saw a different anime retailer selling the Umineko no Naku Koro ni premium box sets (Incidentally, since I’ll never pass up an opportunity to plug the series, if there’s one visual novel series I recommend anyone 17 or up read, it’s Umineko, available online and translatable into English. Read up on it on the Witch Hunt translation crew’s page. The series will be like reading several Harry Potter novels at a slow pace, but it’s WORTH IT), but had to pass them up because they’re just so darn expensive right now ($110 for 24 half-hour episodes, not even dubbed). If they’re ever sold as basic packages (not special editions), they’ll be insta-buys for me.

I was hesitant about the bag because it stands to reason that one of the most dangerous places to purchase a Mystery Bag/Box is an anime convention, but I figured eh, YOLO.

Inside the diabolical box mystery bag were 5 items, all pretty much aimed towards girls and all of which I don’t really want (I knew that was a likely result, though).

So here’s the spoils:


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Professor Layton and the Anime Convention Part 2

Day 2 started off iffy, not having slept a wink during the night (still having some trouble with insomnia), but it wasn’t that bad after I actually got up at 8 AM.

I arrived at the con nice and early at about 9:30 AM – the first panels started at 10. I attended a Pokemon panel with the intent of writing an article for the Buckeye Pokemon League website about it, but it was just a timeline of Pokemon products so I won’t even bother.

Bellosom and Bald-Awesome

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Professor Layton and the Anime Convention – Part One

Well, I did a few things I have not done before today.

I went to an anime convention – Ohayocon. Wanting to get the ‘full experience’ because I’ve spent college jumping in and subsequently rushing back out of anime fandom before (because, you know, no offense to the anime club here at OSU, but starting meetings off with Today In Class 5-2 didn’t really do it for me), I also cosplayed.

I spent the past two days gathering up materials for a Professor Layton cosplay, something I’ve wanted to do since Halloween two years ago, just because. I traveled over town scouring different clothing stores for the different parts of the costume. For cosplaying reference, I got the polo undershirt and pants from GAP (both on sale), the shoes from Target, the overcoat from Macy’s (also on sale, but expensive enough to ensure I don’t get any birthday presents this year :P), and I made the hat on my own from felt and rolls of cork from Joann Fabrics. Pictures of the final result later.

The hat, obviously, proved to be a bit of trouble, mainly because I was trying to finish that up as fast as I could. Glue proved nearly useless – it just kinda soaked into the felt. I used masking tape instead to tape everything together. It’s very lucky the hat is still standing. I plan to fix it up before I go out tomorrow.

I traveled with a friend, who remarked that she felt like Professor Layton’s apprentice Luke, to the convention (who actually would have stayed home and wasted their paid admission if I hadn’t offered them to come with me :P), but quickly split up because I had to go to the back of the two-hour long line of naughty people who hadn’t paid yet.

During that two-hour period, I met Professor Layton’s arch-rival, Jean Descole, which meant only one thing – PHOTO OP!

484775_4764754771268_430959241_nThe dashing Descole

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