Peter Tefft Saves The World, Project Nightfall update, and more

Peter Tefft Saves The World is now a ‘coming soon’ game. Long story short, I lost a bet, and now I have to make a game for someone’s amusement :P Look for that in the coming months. The page for that is here.

Jack’s Run is currently undergoing a engine rewrite for performance reasons. As the levels are getting bigger, the CPU load is getting tougher to deal with, but I (think I) have a solution.

Project Nightfall has been removed from the ‘Coming Soon’ list of games. The game has existed for more than a year and has not been worked on since the summer for various reasons.

In place of that, I had a cool new idea for a game that I want to do after Jack’s Run and PTSTW to replace that. It’ll be nowhere near as involved, but will still be satisfying for me to work on (it’s somewhat of a RPG, but not really a conventional one). Details should come hopefully within the next few months if I decide that this is a good and feasible idea.

Also… I got a Wacom Bamboo Splash tablet for Christmas. I’m learning how to draw with some of my spare time which I do not have. So… maybe someday, I’ll be doing art for my games too. And I might share some random drawings here if I feel the need to.

Updates big and small

Hello! It’s the end of the world and I feel fine!

This past week I’ve done a few updates of varying size and importance. The most immediately noticeable is the front page. Gone is the ‘this page is under construction’ text, and in it’s place is my Twitter feed. This may or may not stay. I still don’t think I’m happy with the front page, so it might change yet again.

Next up is the removal of Paedae from The Outsider. I added the service to the game a while ago, as detailed here. Ultimately, I have come to the conclusion that it is simply not worth using unless you have a high-traffic site. Which this site is not. Two and a half months have gone by, and we have a whopping $0.07. So The Outsider now uses regular old NG ads – which we can also use on NG as opposed to Paedae.

Newgrounds recently added playlists to their site. Today I made one for the First Fantasy soundtrack – find it here. I also linked the FF page to it.

Finally, I have shared the complete When The Crickets Cry Episode 1 script. WTCC, a visual novel series inspired by When They Cry, was sadly canceled a while back, but I’m just now making good on my promise to share some stuff from development. On the WTCC page, you can find the link to the first episode, very nearly in a state of completion. It’s around 50 pages of writing, I believe. More might come soon.

Jack’s Run

Well, I was planning to save this for when the demo was released, but it doesn’t matter. I was told about a video that my brother made today featuring the previously unannounced game – it doesn’t even have a name yet. That game was the same one that’s been on the In Development table on the game page for a while now (other than Project Nightfall, that is). So the cat’s out of the bag – what is this new game?

The video that my brother made – calling it a teaser trailer would suffice – was a final project for one of his classes, and it’s kind of thrilling for me to see this for the first time. It’s also served to help me see what my partners – yes, both my brother and the friend of his featured in this video are collaborators – see this project being, so I’ll be slightly altering my conception of the game to closer match it.

(The video does not contain any actual gameplay, but it does contain graphics to be used)

Meet Jack, a young boy from the Industrial Revolution… Ah, I won’t do that. Even we don’t know the full story yet. *shrug*

The game was originally started in early September and was meant to be finished in about two weeks… heh. My goal is to finish level design and other key mechanics (save system and menus) during winter break. And then we’ll get the art together, and we’ll outfit it with the Newgrounds API (medals and scoreboards).

A demo should be released soon-ish to get feedback. Since me and my brother are both in the same place for break, we should be able to take care of the critical issues between now and a demo release.

Also, the page for this game is now up. Rather sparse, but up nonetheless.

Tutorials section complete!

Since classes are finally over, I’ve finally had the time to get the tutorials page up to par! All the tutorials are now up, including Disqus sections on each one! Enjoy! If there are any problems, don’t hesitate to either comment or drop me an email (email address is on the main page of the site).