This is my first blog post on my own website!

First, I guess I should say why this hasn’t been progressing faster than I had hoped. About a week and a half ago, I began getting stressed out for reasons largely unknown to me. As a result, I became rather sickly and have experienced a frankly impressive range of symptoms in the time since, including, but not limited to: panic attacks (apparently not in the real sense of the term, because I do not feel like I am choking, have chest pain, or am sweating, but it certainly is panic, and it does attack), dizziness, insomnia, feeling rather cold in some cases, feeling rather warm in others, heart palpitations, breathing issues, and a near-constant feeling of anxiety. Some of which I didn’t even know anxiety could do to a person. It’s certainly not fun.

At present, I have started taking melatonin to help me sleep, and aside from what I’m assured are side effects of the stuff itself, I’m feeling a bit better overall. Better enough to set up the blog and write this, at least. Still tired, but that should go away over the next few days if I keep using the melatonin nightly. I’m also going in to see a psychiatrist next week, so there’s that.

…yeah, the site.

As described on the frontpage, the site will showcase games and game tutorials that I’ve made, and will also double as a personal site where anything goes if it’s even a bit relevant. At least for now. The site’s focus may change when/if I enter the job market, or in other circumstances. The blog, though, should always be geared towards the personal side, and I’ll share site updates as well as personal ramblings.

For progress, I have content for the Fish Simulator X page, which I put up two weeks ago. It isn’t the best examples of my work, but it’s there. It also contains a half-done layout for the site (you’ll want a browser that can view HTML5 material). The better games will certainly come with time. The website for First Fantasy, firstfantasy.webs.com, will have its content moved here in time too.

Going back to the look for the site, I whipped up an image in Fireworks two weeks ago:

Source code will also be uploaded for most games, if it is easy to do and I can secure permission from all important persons involved with the games. Source files for Fish Simulator X (v1.0, not the latest version) are up. Source is also planned for: Kraken Skullz, sketch|Copter, sketch|fall, what little there is of When The Crickets Cry, and of course, Project Nightfall. Those I have most, if not all, of the rights to offer source. Source for other games may be added if the other people involved are okay with it (I suspect Monkey Lab Tycoon and First Fantasy, which I promised source while still under development more than two years ago, may fall under this category). I also have a small collection of game tutorials (see gamedev.osu.edu – most of what is in the tutorial section is mine), which I shall be putting up, probably after I get all the games up.

Timeframe for the site: I’m not sure. If I was well, a lot would have probably been done by now. Presuming that I’m going to be perfectly well again in a week or two, I should be able to make a lot of headway in a month’s time.

Afterwards, there’s always more I can do here. For example, I cannot deny that having¬†achievements¬†in games unlock to a site-wide profile would be pretty nice, and I could theoretically do something like that… but that’s far away, though. But still, food for thought :)

And once again, welcome, and stick around for the good stuff!