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Naruto (Shippuden) Jacket

Made a custom Naruto jacket for Animal Crossing: New Leaf, although I’d be surprised if it wasn’t done already. But I had the real thing to go off of (it was at Hot Topic for a while), so that makes this better than the others ;) It’s currently what my character’s wearing, and I really like it.

Here’s the QR codes. As with before, click the image to view full size.

Naruto in Animal Crossing? BELIEVE IT!
Naruto in Animal Crossing? BELIEVE IT!

For some reason, I’m having trouble finding bright orange sweatpants. Huh. There are ninja sandals you can wear, though. And a ninja headband.

I made an Animal Crossing category for stuff like this, since this isn’t my first post with QR codes, and I’ll be surprised if it’s my last.

Maybe I’ll do the rower next.

Other news: 2-3 new slam mixes on the Space Jam mashups page, and the next version of the Visual Novel engine (which will include choices and jumps) is well underway.