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Tiandiren: The Quest for Xirang

I wanna point out a game, just released today, made by a fan of my game First Fantasy – Tiandiren: The Quest for Xirang. This game is heavily influenced by First Fantasy (it’s positively mind-blowing to me that my game had that kind of impact on someone), but has a story drawing from centuries of Chinese legends and mythologies. Check it out!

The developer, FlyingColours, first told me about this almost a full year ago and let me play around with an early build (which encompassed maybe about a third of the game then). He is considering a sequel if it’s received well, so play it and let him know you liked it if you did and want to see more!


Secrets Of The Space Jam (Page)

There are a couple Space Jam mashups that I have on the mashup page that are secret. These secrets are alternate versions of other songs in the library. Until now, these secrets have not been revealed publicly. One of them kind of had a hint based on how you unlocked the alternate song in the source material (if you were knowledgeable about DDR X), but the other one didn’t really have any hint.

So, here we go:

To unlock Slamkiss Dunk -jordan side-, a Japanese-language alternate of -Barkley side-, type in ‘dunks’ on the player page (this comes from the unlock method in DDR X, where Sunkiss Drop had two versions. To play the secret -jun side-, you had to search for songs that started with D, R, O, P, and S in that order, and then select Sunkiss Drop). In the old player I also had it set up so you could unlock it through chance (like a 5% chance playing -Barkley side-), also mirroring DDR X’s chance unlock.

To unlock The Clear Blue Slam -original-, a Japanese-language alternate of The Clear Blue Slam, type in ‘skies’ the same way as above.

The new songs will be added to the right end of the song lineup. You will have to unlock them again if you leave the page. For now.

Professor Layton and the Anime Convention Two – Part Two

SO! I slept in a bit and wasn’t able to get to Ohayocon for the 10:00 AM panels, but I wasn’t sure if I would be able to do that anyway. Also, because of last night’s winter weather, I decided it was better to take the bus instead of drive to the convention. It’s cheaper anyway. Any possible weirdness that the bus driver might have felt looking at my costume (probably not much, my costume is fairly normal, just a bit formal) was overshadowed quickly by someone dressed up as a demon-like creature a few stops later.

Saturday is the biggest day of the convention, so attendance was higher than Friday, and cosplayers were out in force too. There were some really creative costumes I saw today. And some favorites too.



Yuno and Twelfth respectively from Future Diary.


No idea what this is from, but it’s creative. I think the back legs are where the person’s feet are?


Legends of the Hidden Temple teams arrive at Ohayocon, because I guess there’s some ancient treasure there or something.


This costume takes the cake for anything I’ve seen, this year or last. The person seen here is playing an ACTUAL WORKING Tetris game. I don’t know if the guy playing this was able to get any time to himself today.

Additionally, some cosplaying I saw but didn’t get pictures of include Sailor Deadpool and a flock of Zubat cosplayers (nine of them!).

Since the next panel on my list wasn’t until 4 PM, there was nothing much for me to do… besides returning to My Happy Place, the rhythm gaming room. I played more DJMAX Technika 3, mainly. I tried to pass the First Steps club set, but I kept failing at the second song. After two hours in there, I got lunch and basically waited the remaining time out. And I actually got a bit of work done in that time.

At 4, I entered the ‘J-Rock for Everyone’ panel. Unfortunately, it didn’t quite live up to it’s name as it was fairly obvious the people in charge were oriented towards the hardcore stuff, and I decided to leave midway through the panel because of that (also, they pretty much assumed you knew about at least some things J-Rock already, which is two reasons why the panel name was misleading).

I headed down to the rhythm gaming room again and watched the first few rounds of the Dance Dance Revolution tournament. I saw some good people play, getting AAA scores on EXPERT-level songs, something I have yet to do (it not only requires hitting all arrows, which is a challenge in itself on expert, but hitting them all accurately as well. I have done this for a few standard songs though). I left before the end for a 6:30 PM panel, which was on making and selling visual novels. Two people working together in a company described their experiences making and selling their first visual novel (created in Ren’py, the inspiration for my own Visual Novel Engine in Flash). They were selling their stuff at the con, and I learned a fair bit about the business side of things, which may or may not be of use one day (always room for a Second Fantasy, eh?). I’m also glad that the panel denied my prior observation of amateur panels being more or less just a collection of kids discussing stuff with other kids. So there’s that.

After that, I headed back home. There are no panels tomorrow that interest me, so I don’t think I may return, but if the winter weather is bad, I might have to stay in the city anyway. So who knows what’ll happen. At any rate, it’s been fun, but I don’t think I’ll be returning to a convention for a third go anytime soon – like I said yesterday, anime and manga just doesn’t hold quite the same appeal for me anymore (with a couple exceptions, I still like some stuff, just not the majority of it). Good way to spend a birthday weekend, though.

Philippines Donation Drive – Help The Deirit Family!

UPDATE #2 (11/30): As said before, all the money I have gotten up until now was sent today. Proof (click to read):confirm

UPDATE #1 (11/27): If you’ve been watching the Fundraise page, you might have seen that all of the money so far has been donated offline, and that some of the donations are anonymous. “Well, what about me?” you ask. “I don’t wish to be anonymous but I don’t appear on the list.” Simple. Since Fundraise only seems to accept donations $10 or greater, I have been grouping smaller donations together with larger ones to meet that requirement. So multiple people can ‘share’ a single (usually anonymous) donation. Rest assured that all the money I’ve received for this is still there, and everything is currently up-to-date (or at least it will be after I finish writing this :P). If you’ve made a smaller donation (below $10) it might take a while to see it pop up here, though.

To the fundraiser in general… Western Union has a promotion this month where there are no fees involved in sending money to the Philippines, so I will send over everything I have around the end of this week. The fundraiser, of course, will still continue beyond that. We’re almost at $250! If you were curious, Google puts $247 USD as being convertable to 10769.37 Philippine pesos.

And there’s this page ( ) that shows that 10000+ pesos can be meaningful. As a reminder, we’ve got a family of five here (four who live in the Philippines).

The fundraiser is still on for the majority of two more weeks, so let’s see where this can go! Thank you to everybody who has donated so far!


If you’ve been REALLY out of the loop, last weekend a highly destructive super typhoon (Haiyan) smashed into the central Philippines, taking an estimated 2,500 people and countless buildings with it. So bad was this typhoon that when it passed the Philippines and then proceeded to bother Vietnam, it was still a highly dangerous natural disaster. And it was one of the worst natural disasters ever – people are still debating whether it was record-setting.

As I noted in my last post, I have a girlfriend in the Philippines, on the island of Samar, one of the hardest hit locations. After a very hard period of not hearing from her for days (it took days for communication to be repaired, and power has still yet to return as of November 14th), I heard that her family’s house got beaten up by the storm, as many others in the country have also experienced. Understandably, finances are a bit tight for them right now. The father is working abroad, and then there is a mother (duh), my girlfriend, and her sister and brother. Two of them attend college presently, my girlfriend and her brother. They’ve been able to live in a part of their house that remains intact. They’ve also been able to store up some food, but when that runs out, they’ll have higher food prices to deal with.

DSC_1047 (1)
Their house after the storm.


On an island-wide scale, electricity still hasn’t returned to the area they live. Food is scarce, and people are in disarray. Prisoners have escaped their confinement, women are being raped, and many people are evacuating the area (all things my girlfriend told me). Even after the typhoon has left, safety is still a big concern. They’ve been able to live in a part of their house that remains intact. They’ve also been able to store up some food, but when that runs out, they’ll have higher food prices to deal with.

This is where we come in. Me, and you, the reader. I am organizing a donation drive for this family. While the big push will end Dec. 9th, I will also accept donations that trickle in afterwards for a time, and send those off at a later date (if I get them).

So… how can you trust me? Fair question. My last blog post, which was written more than a month ago, mentioned my girlfriend. I’ve shared news on the typhoon pretty extensively on Twitter (starting Nov. 7th) during the three or so days when I didn’t know whether my girlfriend was safe or not. I diverted ad revenue from some of my games to charities that would help the Philippines. And I have a little link to how you can help the country in general on the main page of the site, where it will continue to be for some time, probably. Also, I will share a screenshot of the donation on/shortly after Dec. 9th, as well as the one afterwards.

Remember, every donation, no matter how small, can help. Since the Philippines is not a fully developed country, donations can conceivably stretch to be a bit more useful than they can here (in the U.S.)

Then, the next question is how you can help? Well…

(A paypal donate button used to go here – the fundraiser is over now. If you still wish to help the Philippines, there are plenty of opportunities to do so)

You can donate securely through Paypal, which takes pretty much any major credit card. OR if you know me in person, you can give me the donation that way because you won’t have to pay any Paypal fees (30 cents a transaction + 2.9% of the donation, so $3.20 for $100 dollars. Even for donations :\ ). Paypal will convert between currencies, so if you happen to be international, just use Google to convert your currency into USD and donate that. I haven’t really used paypal for myself in a while, so if I see money randomly pop up in there I will immediately know what it’s for.

I also have a page running for the next 2+ weeks at If you’re here, I recommend NOT using this if possible, because Fundraise takes a small cut of money donated through them. Use PayPal instead, or donate in person if you know me in real life. But if you really are curious: