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Note: b-Link is not fully implemented yet, and will not be for some time. While features like account integration with certain games and chatrooms are planned, currently, you can only register, log in (and only on certain pages too since the website redesign is still in process), and use certain Pokehub functions. Additionally, there are currently no means for password recovery (the feature will probably be added later), so remember your password!

Your use of b-Link signifies your agreeance with our Privacy Policy. Sensitive account information will be encrypted (e.g. your password) while measures will be taken to protect all account information.


Your username and password both should be more than five characters long. Your email will only be used for important site notices or in response to user events (e.g. password reset, opt-in to updates), and also an initial verification.

Oh, and by the way... you're not part of the Mechanical Ice Apocalypse, are you? Verify your humanity for us.

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